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traveller or tourist?


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Autor Nachricht

BeitragVom : 09 Jan 03 14:50     Thema: traveller or tourist?

Hallo everyone!
I am a student and traveller from Italy and just become a member of this message board.
I am about to finish university and then I will take sometime to travel and roam free, but, before that, I have to finish my thesis about..travellers and internet.
...SO..I need your help and your feedback and I will propose you some questions. The first is about THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRAVELLERS AND TOURISTS: what do you think about it and which category, if any, do you belong to?

I will be so grateful to everyone for answering to this question and the others to come! Thank you so much and have a bright beautiful day!!!
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BeitragVom : 10 Jan 03 15:08     Thema: troll?


I'm not sure if this is a troll as this discusion is going on for ever on thousends of travell boards. Anyway - if you like to have some remarks on this topic you should check out the thorn tree on lonely-planet.com or bootsnall.com. You will find plenty of differnent opinions there (as well as lots of rubish Wink )
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BeitragVom : 11 Jan 03 13:31     Thema: it's not a troll

No, I am not a troll and I don't want anyone to lose their time, just to help me!!!!

Thanks for the tip, I'll check thorn tree up.
I know this is a old question but I also know I haven't been on all the message boards and I haven't been using the internet since its birth....so please forgive this kind of questions when you see them!!!

Thanks again

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BeitragVom : 12 Jan 03 23:26     Thema: where exactly in thorn-tree?

Hi Frank,

could you please tell me where exactly I should look to find out everything about this discussion topic? Sites like Lonely Planet and Bootsnall have huge forums and I don't have a clue where is the place to look or to post the topic again...and I don't want to have bad or no reactions at all..I am doing this for academic purpose, so I really need to put some of this material in my thesis and can't put insulting replies...sometimes people on forums are really rude, thank God someone can be nice as you've been even if you thought (maybe still think) I am a troll!

Grazie Frank!!!

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Anmeldungsdatum: 10.01.2003
Beiträge: 43
Wohnort: weltweit

BeitragVom : 13 Jan 03 11:16     Thema:


...I was just saying that I'm not sure if this is a troll. But it seems that you are really interestet...
These topic is spread in various branches in thorn tree so you have to search for it. But you can check out: http://boards.bootsnall.com/2/OpenTopic?q=Y&a=frm&s=712096715&f=455098755 If you can read German you can also search: http://www.loose-verlag.de/gf/index.html some of the topics may be interesting. 'hope this helps.
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Astrid & MArtin

Anmeldungsdatum: 04.01.2003
Beiträge: 74
Wohnort: weltreisend

BeitragVom : 18 Aug 03 0:10     Thema: Traveller or Tourist?

Hi Campanilla,
I think "traveller or tourist" is one of the main questions when planning a trip.
And by being on the road for over 3 years now, we could write quite a lot about the differences.
Although we would describe us as travellers, there have been periods in our journey where we would have fitted in all definitions of a tourist.
So this question is not only depending on the person, but on time, budget, place and other parameters.
Travellers see how the regulary tourist buses influence the local life, whereas tourists sit in them. But travellers use buses too...

Could you use Frank's links - and how far have you come with your thesis - any results yet?
We'd be grateful to hear about your findings!

Astrid & MArtin
Astrid & MArtin
Das Sein ändert das Bewusstsein
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BeitragVom : 10 März 09 14:53     Thema: traveller or tourist?

So I hink that when abroad much depends on the way one travels and behavior. This all starts with the booking process. I went online to book my last holiday home on Tenerife and so was less a tourist than a traveller as I opted for only renting a house on a Finca and had to cater for myself. The Finca was isolated uphill rural and this led to some nice encounters with the locals.
Had I opted for one of the popular "all inclusive" offers on the web, surely I would have been a tourist.
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