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Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 8:06
von rienesl
Wie Panny im Thema: -> Thailand: drastisch verschärfte Regeln für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr schon geschrieben hat, wurden die Einreisebestimmungen für eigene KFZ nach Thailand auf ein fast unerträgliches Maß angehoben.

Meine Frage hierzu währe:
Hat schon irgendwer dieses Procedere hinter sich und kann ein paar detaillierte Angaben zum genauen Ablauf, benötigter Papiere (itinerary?!) und diesen "Travel Agencies" (möglichst mit online Präsenz) geben?

Angeblich soll ja ende des Jahres das Ganze dann noch mal verschärft werden. Macht mir grade echt Hoffnung: Einreise mit eigenem Fahrzeug nach Thailand währe ende Januar...

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 9:25
von Taxidriver
Ich darf hier keine Seiten verlinken.
Schau mal in Facebook nach Gibbins Phillip - er besorgt die Permits und von ihm bekommst du auch alle Auskünfte.
Und wenn du nach "Thailand - new regulation affecting overland travellers" googelst wirst du die Facebookseite finden auf der sich die Betroffenen austauschen.
Aus eigener leidvoller Erfahrung kann ich dir sagen, dass du ohne Permit keine Chance hast.

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 11:03
von rienesl
Vielen Dank für die Info, doch leider können die Infromation ohne FB-Account nicht eingesehen werden. Gibt es die PDF-Datei auch wo anders (oder kann mir die Jemand schicken)?

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 12:44
von darrigo03
rienesl hat geschrieben:... können die Infromation ohne FB-Account nicht eingesehen werden....
Rienesl, einen Facebook Account hast du doch in einer Minute eingerichtet. Foto kannst du weglassen.

Und wenn du deinen Klarnamen nicht verwendest, dann freut sich Facebook darueber zwar nicht, akzeptiert es aber.

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 14:56
von Taxidriver
rienesl hat geschrieben:Hi,
Vielen Dank für die Info, doch leider können die Infromation ohne FB-Account nicht eingesehen werden. Gibt es die PDF-Datei auch wo anders (oder kann mir die Jemand schicken)?
Du hast eine PM :wink:

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 15:32
von rienesl
Vielen Dank, aber die PM ist wahrscheinlich irgendeinem Filter zum Opfer gefallen. Ich konnte aber auf HUBB 'ne alte Version ausfindig machen und da darin glücklicher Weise die E-Mail Adresse von Michel drin ist, habe ich Ihn nun direkt angeschrieben und um die aktuelle Version gebeten (und bei der Gelegenheit darauf hingewiesen, daß FB nicht unbedingt 'ne glückliche Wahl für das Bereitstellen wichtiger Informationen in Dateiform ist)

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 15:46
von Taxidriver
Die Zusammenstellung wartet in meinem Postausgang auf dich. Abrufen mußt du sie schon selbst.

Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 18:13
von darrigo03
rienesl hat geschrieben:... darauf hingewiesen, daß FB nicht unbedingt 'ne glückliche Wahl für das Bereitstellen wichtiger Informationen in Dateiform ist
Rienesl, ich hab die Datei aus Facebook runtergeladen, weiss aber wirklich nicht, warum du dich so straeubst, sowas selbst zu machen, wie gesagt, es dauert eine Minute.

Hier der Text:

Overland to Thailand – New regulation for foreign vehicle

1. Some contextual info

On 6th of July, a meeting with the Head of Division of International Land Transport Departement in Bangkok and myselfhas been organized in order to discuss about various issues and consequences of this new law for overland travellers. This meeting was organizing from their initiative.


In order to keep the story short, I was traveling along with other friends in Cambodia when the law was enforced on 27th June 2016. I decided to use all mean in order to have the permit process boosted up, as very few time was given for me and my friends to start transiting Thailand as expected. Contact has been taken with the Department of Land Transportation Headquarter, the situation explained, and my embassy engaged (special thanks to the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok).

Given that the new regulation creates more problems than it solves, a Facebook group has been created to spread the message and collect the maximum informations and inquiries from current and future travellers seeking to go in Thailand.

I flew from Siem Reap to Bangkok and attented the meeting raising all issues we bring together. The meeting was very pleasant, and the authorities showed a strong interest for us to help them enhance their new system and regulation. Yes… The DLT does not work tightly together with Customs and Immigration department. So they were doing their first experience on regulating foreigners whiling to drive their own vehicle car in Thailand.

Important to say : in the past, there was an big nationwide issue where chinese travellers on their own vehicle were involved in a dramatic accident which did generate Thai casualities. The faultive drivers did escape and passed the border back to China, where they couldn't be facing justice. The new law is a response to these kind of acts. Too many foreigners do not take care for 3rd party insurance in case of such events, allthough the law does require it.

2. The new regulation for us overland travellers currently enforced

All informations given here is the result of a series of question/answer I could raise during the meeting held on Tuesday 5th of July at their headquarter in Bangkok.

- All types of foreign vehicles are allowed to drive in Thailand : Motorcycle, cars, Camper van (< 3.5t), camper trucks (> 3.5t). If you own a vehicle category which is not currently listed in their regulation, you will have to apply as an exception case, which may require more time to process (stated as officially 30 days prior, so don’t wait last minute)
- An international Driving permit is mandatory
- A 3rd party vehicle insurance is mandatory. This should be organized from the travel agency. The insurance usually costs around 40-50 USD for 1 year. Shorter terms insurances are provided as well. A minimum of 1'000'000 baht 3rd party damage must be covered.
- A 3rd party person insurance is mandatory. This insurance is very common to have in our own country tho
- There is currently no multiple entry by the time of writing. But the process is easyier : For the first permit, you have to apply the usual way. Once your data is registered into their system, applying a second permit is straightforward and does not require doing the whole process again. This is the part you have to be sure the travel agency doesn't charge the same way as the first application. It is allthough important to inform at beginning the intended route and timeframes. The 3rd party insurance must cover both intended period.
- No guided tour is mandatory. You enter and you are free to go wherever you have stated in your application process (allthough there is a big discrepancy between where you have stated to ride and what you will effectively do).
- There is no need of proof of purchase of the vehicle
- You can entry and exit at 2 different borders. You must state clearly on the permit application which border you enter and which you will exit. This is currently stated as an exceptional case, so 30 days permit process do apply.
- In case of overstay (health of vehicle issues), the agency should be informed as they would inform the DLT accordingly. There are no consequences to be afraid of as far as they are informed about the situation. Communication is all here.
- the 30 days application process can be lifted. But for that, you need to contact your agency AND DLT in order to explain our case. They do take your case seriously and will do their best to solve your problem.

For my surprise, they took very seriously certain suggestion I have done in order to make everyones life easyier. They will be discussing with the higher authorities about making their system granting us a permit with a large period of validity and cumulated stay of 60 days. That means, no need to apply for two permits if needed to cross the country twice. Additionally, the fixed border restriction might be lifted. So lets cross fingers and hope for the best.

3. How to apply

In order to apply efficiently, do check you have got following  scanned/photographed documents:

- Passport of the driver(s)
- Vehicle registration licence
- International driving permit(s)
- Vehicle insurance

- Carnet de Passage (it is not mandatory, but very useful for the travel agency and DLT. This document has your vehicle references written in english, so it is easyier for everyone to find which number refers to what)

- A plan of your route (which provinces you aim to visit for example. I believe there is no need to be too detailed, and as we know, we never end following the plans exactly as expected…)

The DLT gave me the reference of a tour agency whiling to process the permit. Allthough they were in the learning curve, they could apply the permit in the online system successfully. By the time of writing, the process is still being consolidated and needs some training for them.

Aran Sisophon Travel
Contact person: Mrs. Thip +66 (0) 8100 13353

25 Suwannasorn rd, Aranyaprathet , Sakaew 27120
Tel:+66 37 232 383 -4
Mobile: +66 8130 21709

Khun Ratree Sangrungreung
License No. 11 /03962
Website : www . tour-ast . com

aransisophon @ hotmail. com
aran_sisophon @ yahoo. com

Facebook : Aran Sisophon Travel & Tours

The price was around 5000 baht for a set. The set I was given contained :

- 3rd party vehicle insurance for 2 month
- permit processing fee for a motorcycle (705 baht)
- Visa on entry/arrival fee according to my passport
- Customs fee for my vehicle at border
- Agency fee, including sending someone at the border to ease the process.

At the time of writing, they only experienced the Poi Pet border. Requesting an entry from another border can add more costs, as it has to cover the transport fee of the agent.

More to be added after additional travellers experienced other travel agencies

Important : In order to help the process, especially if you are in a difficult situation (e.g. 30 days problem), contact directly the Headquarter of DLT through Email or cc them if you write to the agency. Do it only for the first mail request . Don’t spam them. I am unfortunately not allowed to give their direct phone number in here :

Headquarter of Department of Land Transportation in Bangkok
International Transport Affairs Group

international.dlt @ gmail . com

Ask for Mrs. Sawita. State very clearly you are an overland traveller. They know the rest of the whole story from now on ;-)

4. Border crossing

On 8th of July, I finally crossed the border Cambodia-Thailand (Poi Pet). The process was very clean. Mrs. Thip from the travel agency welcomed me and brought me through the whole process. Prior to my arrival, she informed the immigration and customs about the « special incoming case ». The customs did make a copy of my permit in order they have an example for them… yes, everyone on the learning curve. They did contact DLT as well to ask some additional questions. At the end, I just had to hand Mrs. Thip the required documents and simply wait for her to process everything. 10 minutes later, all was done, and… welcome (back) to Thailand.

Surely, I do not need anyone to process the work for me at the border, but I let her do what she is supposed to do and see how she handled. I strongly believe that in the future, it should not be necessary to have an agent being physically at the border. We should be, for example, given scanned copies of the permit and insurance in order we print them on our own and handle it ourselves. It should then help reduce the costs as well, as no agent would be physically required at the border. That point will be suggested on my feedback email at DLT.

5. What's next ?

I will write an email (12th July 2016) to DLT in order to give my feedback of the border crossing and about the travel agency. I will take this opportunity to bring some suggestions in order to ease the whole thing a bit, such as :

- synchronize the permit with tourism visa and customs regulation. The suggestion would be that they grant us a permit for e.g. 6 month validity, with a cumulative stay of 60 days.

- Using a copy printed version of the permit and insurance, which will be emailed to us from the travel agency. This will avoid the unnecessary need of a travel agent doing the stuff for us at the border

Document revised on 11th July by Lawrence

This document might be corrected /enhanced if required. Please inform me of any additional stuff that has to be inserted/corrected here. Also, feel free to share it’s integrality.




Thailand: Prozedere / Ablauf für temp. Kfz-Einfuhr?

Verfasst: 22 Nov 16 18:15
von rienesl
Keine Ahnung, wie ich aus Deinem Postausgang eine PM abrufen soll, aber glücklicher Weise habe ich grade eine E-Mail bekommen, daß sich in meinem Posteingang eine neue PM befindet. Warum auch immer das so lange gedauert hat. Egal wie, ich werde die Tage mal die benötigten Dokumente beschaffen und mal fragen, wie das mit der Versicherung genau aussieht. Ich habe nämlich bereits 'ne internationale Versicherung, die bis 100Mio€ einspringt (was "etwas" mehr als die geforderten 1Mio Baht sind...).
Danke noch mal und Gruß,