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CampervansNewZealand - Erfahrungen

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Dear travellers to NZ!
Last summer (jan 16) we visited NZ – the north and south island and we had a really great time. The only wrong decision was the selection of the car rental agency.
Never ever rent your campervan at CAMPERVANSNEWZEALAND.CO.NZ – it was the most horrible experience we ever had when renting a vehicle abroad (and believe us, we have seen a lot;))! It was a big mistake!
Here is a summary of our experiences:
1. First of all we made the mistake not to take detailed pictures of the whole car at the moment we rented it. Watch out for already existing scratches at the front window and headlights – in the end you will be made responsible for all little damages ;)
2. At the first glance this company seems to be cheaper than all the others. But than you pay for each single piece of equipment (e.g.: desk, toilet, chairs, water-can, solar-shower…). In total you will have the most expensive car you can imagine (+250 dollars).
3. Don´t trust promises from the website and the agency: The mattress is terrible, the kitchen-equipment incomplete and the cool box does not work well.
4. The insurance-conditions are ridiculous – finally you pay for everything. If inevitable to rent at this company take a private insurance in advance!
5. If you borrow a mobile toilet, don´t think you are self-contained!!! You need the blue self-contained sticker which you only get with running water inside the vehicle!
6. Get your sim-card for the cellular at the airport, don´t borrow it at the agency: You will pay half!
7. Last but not least after two days of driving the lock front the driver-side wasn´t working any more, the cool-box stopped cooling completely, the solar-show was leaking heavily.
8. The return of the vehicle was unimaginable: We found ourselves on a huge and hot parking ground next to the airport were Michaela fussily examined the whole campervan - she even counted the cutlery In the end we had to pay for each single scratch – even if they were old and already existing when borrowing the car. We are sure other innocent campers already payed for these damages…
9. Our final recommendation. Borrow your car elsewhere: “escape”; “happy campers”; “jucy”; “binz”; “wicked campers”; ”Apollo”; etc. …
Enjoy your trip and have a good time in this marvellous landscape!
Tom and Anna
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CampervansNewZealand - Erfahrungen

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litti40 hat geschrieben: Tom and Anna
Tom und Anna:

die Sprache in diesem Forum ist deutsch! :roll:

Hoffentlich faengt nicht noch einer an, hier Beitraege in chinesischer Sprache zu bringen. Oder auf Kisuaheli... :shock:
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