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Peru: Verkaufen Camper (Raum Lima) 11/16

Verfasst: 03 Nov 16 13:56
von Dominik_Chevy
Our Trip goes to an end, so we sell our Chevrolet S10 "Silversurfer" Club Cab truck from 1998 with a selfmade Camper somewhere between Lima and Punta Hermosa as soon as possible.
The car has the 4.3 i V6 Vortec gasoline engine with ca.161 PS and a consumption of 11 liters per 100km with the camper fully loaded. A/C, Cruise control, Radio and everything is well maintained by dodge and running fine. Right now we have 310000km. The tires and other stuff are made new 500km ago. We got all fluids you could need and filter in spare, so you are good to go everywhere.
You have a strong 2x4 and automatic gear box.

The camper has a king size bed, is Mosquitosave and Waterproof.

We will sell it fully equipped with everything you need to camp:
Lights and fan
Kitchen with tools and dishes. (Propanecooker)
Tools for the camper and the car.
Bedding set, ...
Camping equipment, chairs...
A lot of extra storage places.

We bought everything, you found above new, and did a lot of work on everything to get it working like a charm.

We really feel like home, you really have everything you need, doesn't matter where to go or where to stay. Our price is 6000us$.
PN me for pictures.

If you are interested or have questions, just let me know.


Peru: Verkaufen Camper (Raum Lima) 11/16

Verfasst: 03 Nov 16 15:48
von Dominik_Chevy
correction: the year is 1999
and the price is negotiable!!! 8)