Tonga: maximale Verlängerung des Touristenvisums?

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Tonga: maximale Verlängerung des Touristenvisums?

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Kann man immer noch das Touristenvisa auf insgesamt 6 Monate verlängern, oder geht das neuerdings nur noch für 3 Monate?

[einzelthematisiert - Astrid :)]
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Tonga: maximale Verlängerung des Touristenvisums?

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Guckstdu hier: ... view&id=20

Falls der Link bricht:

Visitor's Visa

PLEASE ENSURE THAT WHILST IN THE KINGDOM , PERMITs/VISAs REMAIN VALID AT ALL TIMES. Please be WARNED that there are high financial penalty fees imposed on those persons who attempt to renew a visa AFTER the original visa has expired. Please renew visitor's visas at least 3 days before the expiry of the visa, if not before.

Any person attempting to leave the country on an expired visa is declared a PROHIBITED IMMIGRANT on his departure and may NOT return to the Kingdom unless any outstanding penalty fees have been paid to the Immigration Division prior to his return.

VISITOR'S VISAs (For tourists, persons visiting family and friends etc, persons attending government and regional workshops and conferences)
There are two conditions which are imposed upon all persons holding a visitor's visa.

The conditions are:-
That the visitor holds a valid return ticket ON ENTRY AND WHILST IN TONGA, to a country which the visitor SHALL BE ABLE TO ENTER after departing Tonga. (ie the return ticket shall be to the holder's country of origin (citizenship shall be evidenced by the nationality of the passport held) OR if ticket is not to the country of origin then there must be a valid endorsement in the passport evidencing permanent residency for another country). The airline staff examine the validity of this return ticket PRIOR to first entry into the Kingdom.
That at all times, whilst in the Kingdom, the applicant shall be able to financially maintain himself and any dependants.


1. Please note that ALL non citizens must apply for a visitor's visa, PRIOR to arrival in the Kingdom (UNLESS the said country is EXEMPT under category B below) The procedure for applying is as follows:-

Contact either the visa section, Immigration Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Headquarters in Nuku'alofa for an application form ' or contact one of the Kingdom's diplomatic missions overseas for an application form and for any assistance required in completing the form.

The application form
1. Complete section 1, 2, 3 (and 4 - if traveling with dependants);
2. Complete section 9 (signature and date of the declaration);
3. Applicant shall also attach a short letter stating the purpose of visit to Tonga - including the date of arrival and length of time he intends to stay in Tonga.
NB. That employment, business and study at a formal academic institution is prohibited on a visitor's visa and also that whilst in Tonga on a visitor's visa, an applicant may NOT change the status of his visitor's visa to any other visa, unless permission from the Immigration Division to change the status of a visa has been granted PRIOR to arrival. Penalty fees of up to TOP$1,000 are payable if an attempt is made to transfer a visitor's visa to an employment or business visa;
4. The completed form and letter and any other documents should be FAXED or sent by MAIL to the Visa section, Immigration Division showen below.
5. The visa application will then be processed by the staff of the visa section (approximately 2 - 3 working days) and if a visitor's visa is granted, then a letter permitting entry into the Kingdom and permission to apply for a visitor's visa on arrival in Fua'amotu shall be issued to the applicant. The said letter will either be faxed:To the relevant diplomatic mission if the applicant has applied through a diplomatic mission; OR Faxed to the number given by the applicant for receipt of the said document;
6. The visitor's visa fee is currently TOP$40 per person, per month . The fee shall be paid by the applicant on his arrival in the Kingdom to an Immigration Officer of the Immigration Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A receipt shall be issued. Please retain all your immigration receipts.
7. A visitor's visa is granted for 31 days. The visitor's visa is renewable up to a period of 3 months. IN exceptional circumstances a visitor's visa may be renewed for a period of up to 6 months.


Visitor's Visa for passport holders of countries listed below:-
Citizens who hold passports from ANY of the countries listed below are granted permission to enter the Kingdom and apply ON ARRIVAL at a port of entry for a visitor's visa. The visitor's visa is issued free of charge at the port of entry for a period of 31 days and is renewable on completion of the relevant form and payment of the fees.

Countries NOT requiring VISAs (69)
1. A ustralia
2. A ustria
3. B ahamas
4. B arbados
5. B elgium
6. B razil
7. B runei Darussalam
8. B ulgaria
9. C anada
10. C hina
11. C ook lslands
12. C yprus
13. C zech Republic
14. D enmark
15. D ominica
16. E stonia
17. F ederated States of Micronesia
18. F iji
19. F inland
20. F rance
21. G ermany
22. G reece
23. H ungary
24. I reland
25. I srael
26. I taly
27. J apan
28. K iribati
29. K orea
30. L atvia
31. L ithuania
32. L uxembourg
33. M alaysia
34. M alta
35. M arshall Islands
36. M onaco
37. N auru
38. N etherlands
39. N ew C aledonia (French Passports)
40. N ew Z ealand
41. N iue ( holders of NZ Passports)
42. N orway
43, P alau
44. P apua N ew G uinea
45. P oland
46. P ortugal
47. R omania
48. R ussia Federation
49. S amoa
50. S eychelles
51. S ingapore
52. S lovakia
53. S lovenia
54. S olomon Islands
55. S pain
56. St K itts & N evis
57. St L ucia
58. St V incent & The G renadines
59. S weden
60. S witzerland
61. T ahiti (French Passport Holders)
62. T okelau (holder of NZ Passports)
63. T urkey
64. T uvalu
65. U kraine
66. U nited K ingdom - (Great B ritain & Northern I reland)
67. U nited S tates of A merica
68. V anuatu
69. W allis & F utuna (French Passport Holders)


A visitor's visa may be renewed (unless restricted on first grant) by completing the relevant application form and payment of the correct fees. Renewal of visitor's visas may be done at the: Visa Section, Immigration Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nuku'alofa, Tonga or at the Immigration Office in Neiafu, Vava'u.
On renewal of the visitor's visa, an Immigration Officer shall check:

The completed application form (including one photograph).
The passport and citizenship of the applicant;
The return ticket, which must:
(i) be dated or endorsed by the airline for the correct return date;
(ii) be valid for a return journey to the applicant's country of citizenship;
Evidence of financial support whilst in the Kingdom.
Fee for Renewal of a Visitor's Visa
The visitor's visa extension fee is TOP$40 per person for every extra month requested.
Any child below the age of 18 years old, shall be charged TOP$5 for every extra month requested.


Processing period for renewal of a Visitor's Visa

The process for renewing a visitor's visa is usually one working day.

Please note that the Visa Section, Immigration Division is NOT open during public holidays NOR at the weekends.


Headquarters In Nuku'alofa TONGA

Visa Section
Immigration Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of Tonga
P O Box 821
TEL: (676) 26-970/ 26-969
FAX: (676) 26-971/ 23-360

Neiafu, Vava'u Office: TEL: (676) 71-142


Als Deutscher brauchst du das Visitors (Touristen) Visa nicht VOR der Einreise beantragen, sondern bekommst die ersten 31 Tage ohne Kosten direkt bei der Einreise in den Pass gestempelt. Eine Verlängerung auf nicht "um") 3 Monate ist ohne weiteren Antrag möglich und kostet T$40 pro weiteren Monat. Eine Verlängerung auf 6 Monate ist im Ausnahmefall möglich, wenn ein besonderer Grund vorliegt. Das sollte man direkt mit Immigration besprechen. Ich empfehle Schriftform.

Manche Leute sollten einfach besser zuhause bleiben!
(Mahimahi findest du hier.)
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