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Howling Moon Dachzelt zu verkaufen

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Hey Overlanders & Campers!

As we will have a cute little trailer very soon we sell our roof top tent!

It's a Howling Moon Roof Top Tent, Version "Stargazer 160"
You will have a lot of space. 2,40m lenght and 1,60m width

Also you have 6 windows with mosquito net. With these you can get a nice and cool breath of air if you like.
One window is on the back, one in the front, one one each side and two in the roof. (that's why they named it Stargazer)

The ladder to get into the tent is attached and also needed to open it up and fold down.
The entrance has a little roofing attached. This is very useful if you need to climb in while it's raining...

The bright green layer on top is called "tropical layer". It protects the tent itself against rain and sun but you can also take it off to watch the stars

The material is really good quality, also the mosquito net is very strong.
The mattress is customized and very good. You can also take the cover off to wash and dry in the machine. It's from Froli, the original price was 800,- EUR

It only takes 5-10 minutes to open the tent and approx. 10 to fold it down. It's very easy!
The package of the folded tent is 1,20x1,60x20cm height and the weight is 70kg.

To mount the tent on the roof of your car, you need a roof rack as we do not sell ours.

The tent can be mounted in different positions. With entrance above the hood or entrance to the back (like we have it) or with the entrance to the side.

If you look at the pics...
(The bright grey package on top of the car does not belong to the tent. The tent is the greenish package at the back.(

If you have any more questions please let us now.

The original tent price with the froli mattress: 2.900 EUR
Our Sales Price including the mattress is 1.300 EUR
= 1.780 US $
= 1.990 Canadian $
= 23.690 Mexican Pesos

If you are interested please send an email to mona.e AT

The tent is actually in Mexico, Oaxaca. To get the tent different places are possible. Pls contact.

Best Regards from El Tule Overlander Oasis
Mona and Jan
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