Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Birma?

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Mit eigenem Auto durch Myanmar ?

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Plane ebenfalls die Durchreise durch Myanmar mit dem Motorrad. Kann jemand etwas zu den Landgrenzen sagen, an denen dies möglich ist?
Oli D
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Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Burma

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Myanmar: Wir sind wirklich drinnen!
Wir sind mit unseren Wohnmobilen in Myanmar eingereist,... Unsere ersten Kilometer in Myanmar. Selbst gefahren, selbst erfahren. Eine Sternstunde der Fernreisemobilisten. Wir in einem Land, das nun seit Jahren für jedes ausländische Fahrzeug geschlossen war. Wie lange habe ich auf diesen Moment hingearbeitet.?


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Myanmar: Wenn das jetzt möglich ist, dann.. Motorrad leihen?

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kann es doch auch möglich sein, dass man in Myanmar ein Motorrad leihen kann um das Land damit zu bereisen???

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Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Birma?

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Im Februar 2014 wird wieder eine Durchreise mit eigenen Fahrzeugen von I ndien durch Myanmar nach T hailand stattfinden -> siehe bitte auch meinen Beitrag in der Mitreisebörse unter ... hp?t=31043 .
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Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Burma?

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Hallo Jörn,

weisst Du denn, ob es möglich ist, alleine mit dem eigenen Fahrzeug Myanmar zu durchfahren?

Liebe Grüße,
Regina & David

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Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Burma?

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Hallo Ihr beiden,
nach meinen Informationen ist eine Durchreise durch Myanmar für Individualtouristen mit Fahrzeug derzeit noch nicht möglich....

[verwandtes Thema: Myanmar: mit eigenem Fahrzeug und Führer - Kosten?]
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Myanmar: Mit eigenem Auto durch Burma?

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Hello everyone,

Finally I like to provide some feedback about our successful and great road trip (with own vehicles) through Myanmar hosted by Mutu from myanmarexperttours in October 2014.
Upon booking our travel group consisted of six people travelling in three cars (all 4WD).
[s.a.: -> Myanmar: mit eigenem Fahrzeug und Führer - Kosten?] .

Crossing the border from Mae Sot (Thailand) to Myawaddy (Myanmar) took three hours in total (basically because of slow working customs and queues at the counters). When crossing the bridge you switch from left-hand driving to right-hand driving. You can read on the English Wikipedia ehy (topic Right-_and_left-hand_traffic#Burma_.28Myanmar.29).
On the Myanmar side we were welcomed by Ye, who is a Burmese travel guide and was hired by Mutu and by the MTT official who also is an experienced and relaxed guy and basically responsible to notify the ministry about our movements. They provided ‘temporary number plates’ which we had to place on the windscreen. After changing some money (change rates for USD in MMK were pretty good) we left Myawaddy and fortunately we were allowed to pass the customs bay behind town without the cars getting checked. We then started the first stage of our tour to Kin Pun, a village at the base of Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock (on the way there we did a short stop at a pagoda near Thaton). The single line road between Myawaddy and Kawkareik which is only open every second day (oncoming traffic the other day) is very windy, often unpaved and trucks are slow and there are only few spots allowing to pass them. You pass several military checkpoints along the way. You definitely have to be at the border very early to actually finish this stage of the tour on time (we arrived in darkness and most Burmese drive without using lights at all!). We skipped visiting the Golden Rock in the following morning and moved on to the capital Nay Pyi Taw with a stop at the market in Waw. The two-lane highway is very good and allows cars to drive 120 km/h. Nay Pyi Daw is a clean city with heaps of empty hotels and roads. Seeing the government buildings was not possible. On the afternoon of our arrival we visited the Uppatasanti pagoda which was inspired by the famous Shwedagon pagoda. As a tourist we found this a very nice place and unlike Shwedagon there are no crowds of people.
The Myat Mingalar hotel was a nice place to stay and we were almost the only guests at that time. In the evening another participant and I drove by ourselves to a close-by mall to get some beer and food since the hotel’s restaurant was a bit too expensive. The next day we learned that we actually were not allowed to drive without a guide in front even though having the license plate, visa, passport and so on with us. Seeing Nay Pyi Daw as foreigner was interesting albeit surreal. As we learned you cannot get here with public transport (only with a licensed tour operator). On the late afternoon around 5pm we did see a group of road workers who just finished today’s work shift and immediately were picked up by soldiers in an army truck…
After two nights in Nay Pyi Daw we moved to Bagan with stops at a palm sugar station and driving to the first stupas and watching sunset from one of them. In the evening we got to know Mutu who is a really nice guy, knows a lot about the country and is the perfect mate to have a beer with. The next day we spent the morning with visiting some more stupas, using the hotel’s swimming pool in the afternoon and did a river cruise on the Ayeyarwady in the early evening.
The next morning we moved on to Monywa with seeing the Phowintaung caves which actually were hundreds of holes in a sandstone outcrop containing carved Buddha statues.
The following day we went to Kalay via Gangaw (which is the main road between Kalay and Monyaw used most of the time of the year). Along the sometimes very windy and very muddy ‘road’ we passed lots of stuck trucks and also our guides 2WD Toyota Hiace used to have difficulties getting up the hill sometimes (unlike us with our 4WD). For us it was sheer driving pleasure!
The stage between Monywa and Kalay was the longest and most exhausting one of all but has to be done at once since there are no places with hotels along the way and sleeping in the cars is still strictly prohibited.
From Kalay we moved on to the border town Tamu where people only have power from 6.30pm til 8.00am in the morning. On the way we crossed the tropic of cancer. Exiting Myanmar took about half an hour while entering India was more time and nerve consuming (read on).
Finally I can say that all six of us enjoyed the trip very much. Mutu even managed to let one of the participants bring its dog in (and of course out of) the country. Ye was a very nice guy and both Ye and Mutu managed to organize the trip to our full satisfaction. Actually we would have stayed longer but four of us are on a road trip from Australia to Europe and we had to keep the trip short for budget and time reasons. But Myanmar is a very beautiful country with amazingly friendly locals and except of the major tourist attractions like Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandaly the country is still very unexplored by tourism.
We definitely can recommend Mutu and his team to everyone who is also interested visiting and crossing the country with his own vehicle.
Nevertheless Myanmar is still very expensive to travel. Accommodations are more expensive than in its eastern neighbouring countries (also due to USD regularly used as second currency) and the government charges high fees to travellers (sightseeing, permissions to see certain areas, obligation of using a licensed tour operator, …). There are news found online about a Trans-Asian highway to be built through Myanmar to connect India with SE Asia but I hardly believe this project will ever be realized / finished. Furthermore since the government makes a lot of money with tourism possible due to the whole tricky system of ‘special permissions’ and so on it is hard to believe that it ever will be more easy to get in and explore the country. And still there are riots and conflicts going on in the country, like in eastern and northern Mon state and also in the far north of the country which still will make it almost impossible for tourists to travel to these regions for a long time. But if there is a chance to actually visit a certain area as foreigner, Mutu can bring you there.

The following Google Maps link shows our basic route through the country:
Actually I wanted to paste a Google Maps link here showing our route we took through the country but the froum rules do not let me. So here is a brief description of the route:

Myawaddy to Kinpun (the road between Myawaddy and Kawkareik is a one-way road), ca. 280 km
Kinpun to Nay Pyi Daw via Waw village, ca. 380 km
Nay Pyi Daw to Bagan via the Meiktila highway exit, ca. 300 km
Bagan to Monywa with stop at Phowintaung caves, 190 km
Monywa to Kalay via Gangaw, ca. 340 km
Kalay to Tamu, ca. 130 km

After we left Myanmar -> Von Myanmar nach I ndien .

Finally I hope this information is helpful to anyone interested in visiting amazing Myanmar by own vehicle. I will publish travel reports on my blog www (DOT) nue-travelling (DOT) com within the next days.

Best regards to everyone

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